What’s Happening and What’s Next

Dear friends,

We are rapidly approaching the completion of the Inadequate Adventures. Episode 99 will be the last. There is an epilogue that, believe it or not, ties everything together. Unlike the preface and the episodes, the epilogue depends on the reader having read everything else. It falls flat otherwise. So I won’t be posting the epilogue in the normal manner but will make it available in other ways. To start, it will be available to existing and future subscribers of my Preposterous Semioccasional Newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on any page at liamperrin.com.

I have big plans for 2018 including the long-awaited second Less Valued Knights novel, but the Inadequate Adventures take just enough time and give me just enough sense of accomplishment to keep me from actually writing anything else. I’m too satisfied. So it’s time to up-end the cart.

Ideas for 2018 in addition to novel #2 include:

  • Merchandise related to the Adventures. Imagine a coffee mug for Otto’s Omens – “We Make Our Own Luck” or a plush Occam’s Unicorn
  • An ebook version that compiles all the adventures
  • A hardback creativity journal with the adventures on one page and space to write your own on the facing page
  • A second edition of the first novel with a few grammatical fixes that have been niggling at me and a fancier cover
  • Audio and/or video-blog versions of the adventures
  • Perhaps converting the adventures into a web comic or graphic novel
  • An audiobook version of Sir Thomas

Someone said that a writer’s main product is one’s self. In that regard 2017 has been amazing. I’ve learned a lot, produced things, honed craft, and hopefully entertained you along the way. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. Until then…

See you in Camelot, 🙂