Uther’s Boot Do I Have a Lot to Tell You

Here’s a handy diagram to help you understand where I’ve been for the past many months.

I've been enjoying my time, but it's time to get out from under the rock. The end of 2018 is going to be a whirlwind, but let's start with three things.

First, the second draft of the second Less Valued Knights novel is finished. Now it goes to some beta readers and a copy editor and then gets a final draft and then on to be published, I pray, in early December.

You heard that right. Less Valued Knights #2 is coming, heaven help me, in about two months.

Second, many people have told me they love the cover of Sir Thomas which presently features Thomas's beloved horse, Booker. But I have limited rights to that image and moving forward with it was going to be problematic. I was also getting reviewers saying things like, "This is a wonderful book being held back by its cover," and, "Don't let the cover stop you." So I started looking for a cover artist for book 2 several months ago.

And I found him.

I couldn't be happier with what he's been able to do for both book 1 and book 2. More on that in the coming weeks.

Third, the new cover for Sir Thomas prompted me to revisit the whole book, and having learned a LOT about publishing since March 2013 when Sir Thomas first came out I decided to produce a whole new second edition to fix things no one complained about. I should receive the proof copy this week, and will post an unboxing video shortly thereafter to show you all the nifty new gimcracks and gewgaws that you didn't know you wanted.

I should be able to release the second edition of Sir Thomas mid-October. More on that soon too.

It's super scary putting this info down on paper. It's even scarier putting it in a blog post. But there it is.

I can't wait to bring you all of the Less Valued creations I've been working on. Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks where I continue to babble enthusiastically and over-commit to impossible deadlines.

It's going to be great fun!

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