The Curiously Stunted, Incomprehensibly Disjointed, Perfectly Inadequate Adventures of Nicholas Cornelius Holloway – Episode 79

“I have a hard time relating. They talk about shoes,” she said. “I can’t get over the idea of feet.”

She looked at her feet.

“I mean, what’s the deal with feet?”

She looked up.

“You’re the only person I can say this to.”

“Thinking about ideas – it’s called transcendence,” he said. “One of the ways we reflect the image of God.”

She squinted and looked at her feet again.

“But God is also imminent,” he said. “He’s not just out there thinking big ideas. He’s in the moment. He enjoys the details. He likes that the cardinal is red. Not just that the cardinal is.”

She felt like going shoe shopping. That was a first. And she felt okay about it. She said as much.

“My work here is done,” he said.

He thought he’d been cut for nobler purposes. He reminded himself God cares about the details too.