Last Chance for Deleted Ending

Long Version

The final Inadequate Adventure, Episode 99, will post tomorrow – Thursday, December 28, 2017.

An Adequate Epilogue will post on the final day of 2017. Because the epilogue would be spoiled if one were to read it accidentally without having been on the  journey, it will require a password. The password will be included in the final Preposterous Newsletter of 2017 which will be emailed on the same day: December 31, 2017.

Readers who subscribe to the Preposterous Newsletter after the 31st will gain immediate access to the epilogue, but will no longer receive the original deleted ending of Sir Thomas.

Short Version

In short, subscribe to Liam’s Preposterous Semioccasional Newsletter to read An Adequate Epilogue when it’s available on December 31st. Subscribe before the 31st to also read the deleted original ending to Sir Thomas the Hesitant and the Table of Less Valued Knights.

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The Curiously Stunted, Incomprehensibly Disjointed, Perfectly Inadequate Adventures of Nicholas Cornelius Holloway – Episode 98

“How’s the novel?” she asked.

He peeled his face from the keyboard. “I’m stuck.”

“No worries.” She sat down. “The doctor is in. What’s the problem?”

“The hero discovers ancient lore that changes his world.”

“Sounds good.”

“But what’s the ancient lore?”

“Ah. When I get stuck I brainstorm. One rule: there are no bad ideas.”


“So, maybe… a girl finds a flip phone in a dusty box, and when she picks it up, it rings.”

“I was thinking more ancient.”

She frowned. “No bad ideas.”


“Okay… A guy is browsing a record shop.”

He blinked. “I’d have to explain records.”

“You’re not getting this.”

“Right. No bad ideas. Maybe… There’s a phone number hidden in a Da Vinci painting.”

“Dan Brown did that.”

“Not exactly.”

She shook her head. “You need original ideas.”

“I thought there were no bad ideas.”

“Well,” she rolled her eyes. “Not usually.”